Position Available: Software Developer

Posted on October 17, 2013


CSER has a position available over the summer break within the area of learning analytics. We are looking for someone with good programming skills, experience or interest in data visualisation, and good problem solving skills.

Learning analytics involves analysing data from learning management systems, and online learning environments to identify trends or indicators of student behaviour. Within the CSER group we have identified several new algorithms for combining diverse data sources to enable new trends in student behaviour to be observed. This project will involve implementing some of the algorithms, with adaptation, and exploring appropriate ways of visualising the resulting information.  This project builds upon our previous work, published at ACE, ICERKoli Calling and shortly at SIGCSE.

You will be working within open source learning environments, including Moodle and CourseBuilder.

Selection Criteria:
– Experience with PHP, C and/or C++.
– Experience or interest in visualisation languages or systems.
– Willingness to learn new technologies.
– Ability to clearly communicate complex technical information
– Ability to work independently

This position would commence in mid December and would finish in early March next year. It is possible for this position to be either part-time or full-time.

If you are interested in this position, please send an application including your academic transcript and CV, to Katrina Falkner (katrina.falkner@adelaide.edu.au).

Applications are due by 8th November.